February 12, 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Trust a Therapist Like Diana Kottle

One thing we all look for in a therapist is being trustworthy and someone who understands confidentiality. Diana Kottle obviously falls short of these two things. But there are many obvious things that proves her incompetence and unstable behavior.

She claims to believe in FasterEFT with all her heart and then bashed and fabricated stories that you can see in her blog (dangersoffastereft.com). She began collaborating with Gary Craig to discredit Robert Smith of Faster EFT. Could money be the motivating factor or simply her pure heart to warn people about Dangers of FasterEFT?

It is baffling to think of her motives on why she suddenly smears a modality that she once preached to be the best. She keeps on mentioning lack of ethics. When EFT has more questionable ethics in terms of their certification. Did we all forget the rape case of the EFT practitioner in New Zealand?

Read the story here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/79441329/walmsley-trial-the-evidence-that-simply-couldnt-be-invented

That is some bitter truth that is just very difficult to sugarcoat.

It seems that FasterEFT proves to have better ethics in terms of their registered and certified practitioners and nothing like this has even dragged their reputation.

These are things I wish Diana Kottle, together with Alina Frank and Gary Craig should be busy about.

Now comes the question. Will you choose Diana Kottle as your therapist? Any sensible human being should try to reconsider because who knows if she suddenly blog about you. Just saying.

Diana is a perfect example of a someone who should practice what they preach, maybe instead of talking to Gary Craig about Robert Smith, they can both discuss their negative energies and how they contribute to the “energy” of bullying.

Better yet, maybe they can discuss the ethics within EFT before they try to even assess other systems.