February 12, 2017

Why is Alina Frank Continuously Bashing FasterEFT?

From someone who advocates on spreading and capitalizing on the energy of love and wellness, it is a little concerning to read so many things written or shared by Alina Frank together with other smear campaign leaders against EFT – Diana Kottle and Gary Craig. More than raising awareness on the “Dangers of FasterEFT” (as they claim), the smear campaign is obviously targeted to destroy the marketing value of FasterEFT by Robert Smith.

While we all understand that the world of marketing is cut-throat, it is just a little discouraging, more so disgusting to see the creator of EFT, Gary Craig, spread false accusations. Simply, if your EFT can truly cultivate love and good energy why are you full of hate and envy?

Alright, so envy might be quite a strong word to use, but all the videos on YouTube and blogs published seems to be anything but to attack the success of FasterEFT.

Alina Frank claims that FasterEFT is misleading and being sold to make people think FasterEFT is EFT. While this may sound true because of the acronym EFT, it is for the people to decide. If a person like Robert Smith wanted to use the acronym and supplied a totally different set of words that it stands for, who are they to “police” someone from doing so? It like saying that Electronic Funds Transfer – popularly known as EFT in the business and finance niche should also go about complaining about the existence of Emotional Freedom Technique.

Okay, I get it. It’s because FasterEFT involves procedures similar to EFT. Is that bad? Mr. Smith has been honest about the evolution of FasterEFT and how he practiced it in the past and combined several other techniques that he now calls FasterEFT. His honesty means that he isn’t hiding any discrepancy in his system.

I was followed a thread in LinkedIn how Alina Frank continuously bashed FasterEFT through an article posted in pulse. One comment did quite make a strong point:

To view the entire article and comments just click the following link: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/faster-eft-versus-major-differences-alina

While what Alina Frank keeps on warning people about “FasterEFT not being EFT” I would suggest that she go ahead and read posts by FasterEFT folks as well, about how FasterEFT is really NOT EFT.

Mr. Smith keeps on saying that FasterEFT is not energy psychology and is based on physical tangible mechanics. EFT is energy based system, which makes it far more difficult to understand and apply because you need to subscribe to many of their beliefs on how the world works and how problems arise. Often it goes against mainstream religions and belief systems.

Is EFT a cult?

No, they are more like the energy healers’ version of the Mafia. They are creating confusion over matters that does not even make sense just to make sure that they can protect their “pie”. They feel like FasterEFT is consuming a huge part of their pie so it is important that they keep theirs’ safe. But if you scrutinize the situation further, you would notice that – they actually want to steal Robert’s own pie.

But that is how business go, and a businesswoman like Alina Frank sure does understand how to play her deck of dirty cards.