December 7, 2016

The Ugly Truth About Matrix Reimprinting and EFT Practitioners

If a modality is very efficient, you do not have to bash other systems of healing. This world has been created with obvious diversity. People and illnesses are diverse and the same is true that the approach on healing has to be diverse to adapt to the changes as we progress as modern humans.

One thing that is very disheartening is watching all these EFT and Matrix Reimprinting fight among themselves and try to bash other healing modalities, especially those that deliver results. I guess this is what happens when people become defensive because they are hiding the flaws and inaccuracies of the system they are endlessly marketing online.

This practitioner Alina Frank seems to have created a Mafia of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioners online and the moment they feel they are being questioned, even only by common people confused as to how they see and identify auras and energies, they send out their arsenal of tools to dehumanize the individual as trolls and minions of the energy healers begin to feed on the person’s reputation.

Is this the proper way people who promote healing should behave? I don’t think so. It is however how desperate marketers of a questionable products act, react, and overreact to anything that may seem to break the vulnerable mask they wear.

Let the truth be told, aren’t people at any degree supposed to question EFT and matrix reimprinting?

The thing is, when you go to a medical doctor, you can question their procedures and techniques. But if you consult EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, you cannot question a bit, otherwise they will try to end you and shame you.

Delivering awareness is all what this blog is all about. Awareness and encouragement that we all first question any modality that is being marketed as healing. For healing is the easiest way to take advantage of people who are desperate in times of need. For me, the way I see it, this is best played out in action by EFT healers and matrix reimprinters. They are the perfect example of self-proclaimed geniuses whose basis for healing is the invisible and intangible.

The following are really your best bet to understand what EFT and matrix reimprinting is all about. Not written by me but written by other concerned professionals about the dangers of matrix reimprinting.

1. Time to turn off the Tap: Why Emotional Freedom Technique is dangerous nonsense

This is an article by Alex Langford who obviously got so much lashing if you read the comments from EFT practitioners. It is an interesting read from a medical professional’s point of view about the dangers of EFT.

2. Interesting warning from Skeptic’s Dictionary

This gives you a full understanding on why Gary Craig’s EFT is under watch from many medical and psychiatric professionals and the lengthy list of misinformation used by EFT to mislead the public. A must read.

3. Confessions of a QuackBuster Blog

This blog contains some great information on how questionable Gary Craig’s EFT is and how it originated to be just a copy of another healing modality.

4. Wikipedia’s View on Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig

Discover the truth coming from the internet’s biggest collaborative encyclopedia how EFT draws attention from alternative and holistic healing and how it lacks evidence to be considered effective.