January 12, 2017

Gary Craig Threatens All EFT Practitioners

All EFT Practitioners not certified by Gary Craig will definitely face some difficult challenges in the coming weeks. Oh let us not forget that anyone who has EFT in their branding say, “Anything-EFT,” or “Whatever-EFT” will be equally harassed by the man who claims to wish everyone well.

It is sad to see a once relatively strong community face their darkest fears. Their founder himself, Gary Craig threatens to go after every single EFT practitioner who was not certified by him.

Meanwhile in Europe:

Gary is unstoppable, just this March EFT has been registered by a Mr. Rother, informing that he successfully registered the brand across German speaking countries. Of course, by the blessings of Gary Craig.

With this Mr. Rother warns everyone to:

1. Stop offering professional trainings for EFT.

2. Everyone, except Mr. Rother, are not allowed to offer PROFESSIONAL trainings for EFT. practitioners.

3. No one is allowed to use any prefixes to EFT in brand names or any form of literature.

Mr. Rother will pursue legal actions among German speaking countries the above is violated supported by Gary Craig.

Beware American EFT-ers! Your Founder Will Devour You

This is not very far from happening in the United States, luckily there are several laws protecting other EFT practitioners who must now look deep into their pockets should they wish to defend each of their individual brands derived from EFT.

A lawsuit is definitely an expensive and stressful experience for all EFT practitioners. For the most part, it’s because the man they once considered a healing hero turned out to be _______________. You fill in the blank.