October 30, 2016

Gary Craig Supports Shut Down of EFT Practitioners

It doesn’t matter if you have practiced EFT for a year or over a decade, it is clear that those who do not follow direct orders of Gary Craig and those he gives his blessings to, you are going down.

March 2017 – All German speaking countries are to follow the orders of Mr. Rother in all things EFT. After successful registration of EFT under his name for all German speaking countries as supported by Gary Craig. Mr. Rothers gives clear instructions that…

As of 31st of March 2017 – all practitioners in German speaking Countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland:

Ø  are not allowed to offer professional trainings for EFT

Ø  are not allowed to test students and give Certificates to EFT practitioners

Ø  are not allowed to use any prefixes to EFT

Ø  are not allowed to mention: “EFT—professional trainings level 1” etc.

Well it seems clear that Mr. Rother cannot do this without the founder of EFT himself supporting it. Whatever internal arrangements they had, everyone just wish that Gary Craig gave a formal statement as to why he is definitely giving every practitioner who looks up to him the hardest time.

A stark message to all US EFT practitioners

Clearly whatever Gary Craig has done to Europe will also dawn upon the EFT landscape in the US. All might as well prepare your pockets for hefty lawsuits or if not find new ways to market your modalities.

Gary will, in every way possible, have anyone who use the brand EFT with or without prefix be subject to legal actions.

It is time EFT America – Stand Strong

It is time to take the monster down, reevaluate your stance amidst the chaos and find your voice to speak up to Gary Craig, otherwise, join a better system perhaps? This is never-ending. You better prepare thousands of $$$ to get certified and blessed by the man himself, otherwise, forget about practicing or marketing EFT.