​The Ugly Truth

​Could it be that EFT was made by a madman who must be forced to retire in silence?

​Discover the truth from the internet’s biggest collaborative encyclopedia on how EFT draws attention from alternative and holistic healing and how it lacks evidence to be considered effective

​Dangers of EFT

The Distortion of Truth: On Acronyms, Marketing and Greed – EFT vs. FEFT
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EFT Practitioner Used EFT as Front to Abuse 4 Girls
I am not going to talk about the Walmsey trial itself. You can go to: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/79216736/walmsley-trial-guilty-on-52-charges if you want to[...]
Why You Shouldn’t Trust a Therapist Like Diana Kottle
One thing we all look for in a therapist is being trustworthy and someone who understands confidentiality. Diana Kottle obviously[...]
Why is Alina Frank Continuously Bashing FasterEFT?
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Gary Craig Threatens All EFT Practitioners
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Why Matrix Reimprinting Is a Difficult Buy and You Must Beware
I put so much thought writing this one because I do not want to sound like a difficult and unreasonable[...]